Which Is the Latest Type of Fire Pit That You’ll Love?

In this article, we will discuss the latest type of fire pits that you’ll going to love. Also, we will discuss the pros and cons of buying a fire pit and what are the different models of fire pits in the market.

Which is the latest type of fire pit that you’ll like?

Here is the list of some of the fire pits which are the most common and latest in the market.

  • Barton outdoor propane fire pit

This is a model of the fire pit that has a very clean design, and also, it has a good balance of styling. This is a mixture of contemporary and modern styling. There are two different models available for this one. There is a round propane fire pit table.

The other one is also a fire pit table, but it is available in a rectangular shape. This has a brushed stainless steel top and has a 50,000 BTU heater which is put inside this model.

  • Hiland propane fire pit

These are the most premium fire pit which you can buy from the market, and many people buy them for good looks. This fire pit can be installed either outdoor or indoor, which depends on the house owner. This lets around 4 – 8 people sit around the table and gives a 28-inch height and 38 square inch tabletop. You will get a hammered bronze steel top with a powder-coated finish and stainless steel legs.

  • Heininger 5995 portable outdoor fire pit

These are one of the best fire pits that you can get when you have a budget. This has a portable drum design and has an impressive 58,000 BTU output. This model is ideal for camping and also for if you want to take it to someplace you like. You can put this fire pit either outdoor or else you can also put them indoor.

What are the pros and cons of buying a fire pit?

Given below is the list of all the pros that you get when you buy a fire pit.

  • Traditional look

The propane model of these fire pit comes in all shapes and sizes. These give out a flame visual that looks just like the normal traditional fire pit and gives out the same warmth. These fire pits will suit any kind of environment that you are taking them to.

  • Precision heat control

The propane fire pit includes a new thing called the heat and the BTU output control. This can be adjusted using the dials given on the sides of the pit and according to the environment. There is no need to put or remove logs to adjust fire as you just have to move a knob. Also, you won’t have to carry a lighter as this portable version has an electric lighter.

  • Eco-friendly option

The traditional fire pits use wood that would create harmful lots of emissions. But these propane fire pits do not have any residue or emission as they are free gas. This means that they will not create much carbon footprint like the traditional ones.

  • Quick electric start and stop

In the new propane designs, you do not need to light it up with a match or a lighter you just have to twist a knob. Also, if you want to stop the burning fire, you have to turn the other knob to shut off the fire.

  • Customizable

The propane fire pits burn clear and do not emit anything. So you can customize them by adding either pebbles, lava rock, etc. To create a nice attraction.

  • No mess or smoke

Since these versions are just burning up gas, no emission of smoke is coming out from them.

  • Propane gas is cheap

Propane gas is available in any retail store that you visit, and also they are available for a low price.

Here is the list of different cons that you get from using a propane fire pit.

  • This does not give the same feeling

The looks and the heat will be the same, but the feel of a traditional fire pit will be missing from these. But the low cost and superior quality make it good to use at home and at some parties.

What are the different models of fire pits?

Here is a list of the different models of fire pits that are available in the market.

  • Table style fire pit

These are the fire pits which have like a table attached to its sides for people to enjoy. This comes either in a rectangular shape or in a circle or round shape. There is a stone fire pit table model, and then there is a stainless steel fire pit table model.

  • Firepit bowls

These are the fire pits that need to be kept on the ground and gives warmth to your feet. These resemble the traditional style structure and make them easy to transport.

  • Chimineas

This is the model which you can mostly see made in the houses and are non-portable. The mare is made on the bottom of the large column and bowl sitting shape with fire inside it.

What are the different shapes of the fire pits?

Here is the list of shapes in which you can find the fire pit in the market.

  • Rounded

This will depend on the patio of the place where you are putting this pit. If that place has curves at the end, then the rounded fire pit is the kind to go with.

  • Squared

This model or shape of the fire pit will go well with the patio, which has long and straight lines design. This model allows 6 – 8 people to sit around them, depending on the size.

  • Rectangular

This is the design that is the most popular in the outdoor fireplaces that you find in many houses. This will depend on the size, and you can fit either 12 or 16 people around the fire, depending on the size of the pit.