Trendy Mini Skirts that Give You An Edge This Summer

Be a cool Chic that shines this summer! 

Get a stunning look with the trendiest mini skirts. 

Since their first appearance on the market in the 1960s, we can see that mini skirt has stayed with us and evolved over the years. Women love them because they can be edgy, sexy, and feminine. Also, it means that it is easy to wear. 

Did you know that mini skirts are so hot in TikTok right now? Yes, miniskirts remain to be trendy up to this day. It proves that it can give an edge to every girl that worn it. 

Also, mini skirts are one of the fashion staples you must have this summer. It’s perfect for Singapore’s dry season. 

Below are the trendy miniskirts to add to your summer wardrobe-essentials.  

1. Pleated Tennis Skirt 

One of the hottest mini skirts right now that even went viral on TikTok is the pleated tennis skirt. If you want to go sporty yet sexy this summer, this mini skirt is a go-to. It’s among the versatile piece that can complete your summer look. Whether you want to pair it with a tank top, cropped top, and even a simple tee – it can go well.  

If you want to show off some skin, you can pair it with your bikini top. 

Basic Pleated Tennis Skirt 

Also, take note that even the summer season is over, you can still use this piece. You can turn it into a casual piece that you can even use as work wear. You can team it up with a button-down shirt, blazer or a cardigan, and heels. 

2. Check Pleated Mini Skirt

A check pleated mini skirt is one of the sensational skirts that you can find online. It will give you a schoolgirl vibe, and that makes you a cool chic this summer. When you want to use it as one of your summer pieces, you can surely get an ‘all eyes on you’ look.  It is fun, easy, and edgy – you just need to mix and match. 

High waisted plaid mini skirt 

3. Check Print Mini Skirt with Split Detail 

If you want to give yourself a body-hugging skirt this summer, you need to grab this check print mini skirt with slit detail. It’s one of the classics but still in style. 

It’s time to show off your assets. Show your sexiness with style. Whether you want to pair it with your bikini top, crop top, tank top, or tee, you can surely pull it off. 

Source: Pinterest 

4. Floral Mini Skirt 

When you talked about floral skirts, it’s one of the perfect skirts for summer days. They are stylish and very comfy. If you want to give some feminine, gorgeous yet cute girl vibe this summer – don’t give a second thought to a floral mini skirt. Also, they are so easy to mix and match with any tops. 

High waisted floral A-line Mini Skirt 

5. Paperbag Mini Skirt 

Another cool mini skirt you can try on for summer is a paperbag mini skirt. It’s a classic mini skirt with a twist. It’s also easy to use and you can combine it with any top. 

If you want to pull off an athletic vibe this summer, you can go for a paper bag mini skirt with a pair of your favourite sneaker. 

High waisted paperbag skirt 

6. Ruffle Mini Skirt 

Sometimes, those randomness makes a stylish outfit. And, it’s true with a ruffle mini skirt. The ruffles or those ‘fancy wrinkles’ make the skirt stand out and trendy. 

Source: Pinterest 

7. Denim Mini Skirt 

Denim is still in style with miniskirts. It’s a classic and versatile piece – you can never go wrong with denim.  If you love denim and wanted to rock the summer, you may opt for a ripped mini skirt paired with a tank top. 

Source: Pinterest 

8. Knitted Mini Skirt 

When you want to bring out summer enthusiasm to your summer outfit, you can try a stylish knitted mini skirt with gorgeous patterns. You can wear it with a knitted tank top or crop top. 

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It’s time to grab the Trendiest Mini Skirt this Season!