Tuya Inc: Latest IoT News & Updates

Regardless of the difficulties posed by the pandemic, Tuya Inc is still the top IoT platform. Here are some of the latest news and stories about Tuya Inc. 

Tuya Smart Launches Tuya Beacon to Empower Intelligent Transformation Across all Scenarios

Tuya Smart developed Bluetooth beacons. These are communication devices with Low Energy (LE) that may deliver customized, continuous transmitting signals to any linked mobile device. The Bluetooth beacon utilizes the Bluetooth LE to establish a wireless short-pulse connection and to interact with many devices concurrently. 

Products Empowered by Tuya Smart Design Win iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 and Red Dot Design Award 2021 

For its geometric form and clean lines, the WL2 Smart Cameroon received the Red Dot Design Award 2021. It offered a wide variety of features, including HD night view, mobile surveillance, full HD resolution, bidirectional audio intercom, and remote control. This year’s iF DESIGN AWARD has been given the Voice Remote Control. It also has a Red Dot Design Award. 

Tuya Smart Trends Continue to Rise in North America Despite Unprecedented Challenges 

Tuya Inc had great success in the pandemic and grew even though the difficulties in the market were extraordinary. Customers have reported significant customer usage of smart home gadgets over recent years, showing Tuya Smart’s potential to assist businesses in this pandemic. 

Tuya Smart Releases an All-In Bluetooth Development Capability 

Today, Tuya Smart (NYSE: TUYA), the world’s leading IoT cloud platform, unveiled its newest Bluetooth technological advancements. Tuya Smart supports connection methods such as point-to-point, Bluetooth mesh, and Bluetooth broadcast concerning the Bluetooth protocol. Tuya Smart also has a wide choice of Bluetooth modules and access to crucial chip platforms. As for device access, Tuya Smart offers SDK development, MCU common connections, and SoC development-free solutions so Bluetooth developers may discover their development solutions with various product requirements. 

Tuya Embraces a Growing IoT Market in North America as Pandemic Eases 

The managing director of Tuya Smart in North America, Fritz Werder, said that despite the exceptional market difficulty, they had tremendous success and growth in the IoT market. Since last year, many customers have adapted to smart homes, showing Tuya Smart’s ability to support businesses in this crucial area. And this year it’s going higher. 

As Pandemic Eases, Smart Trends Take off in North America 

With Tuya Smart’s partnership, companies have harnessed a dynamic, interoperable ecosystem and joined the connected smart home market rapidly. Platform-as-a-Solution (PaaS) service from Tuya Smart helped drive company development throughout the pandemic, quickly providing smart goods and consumer characteristics. Tuya Smart Platform shortens development times for hardware and software and has 3,000 brands in the world. 

Tuya Smart Trends Shaping the Future of IOT Industry in North America 

While North America progressively returns to its standard social isolation and spends more time at home, consumers’ perceived utility and comfort of smart home gadgets have grown. Tuya Smart aims to help customers in a wider variety of North American verticals to upgrade and change their enterprise, including smart homes, intelligent hotels, healthcare, and intelligent energy. In these numerous verticals, the North American team of Tuya Smart is ready to help customers write their own success stories. Tuya Smart will continue to help companies create ready-to-market conditions which make customers easier and more enjoyable globally. 

Tuya Smart Sees Upward Smart Trends in North America as Pandemic Restriction Eases  

In the IoT industry in North America, Tuya Smart still sees a growing tendency as an easy pandemic limitation. Clever home technology is essential as consumers embrace the new standard. The Strategy Analytics report forecasts that by 2021, global smart home solutions would use 123 billion dollars and 173 billion dollars by 2025. By the year 2025. 

Tuya Smart Continue to See a Growing Smart Home Technology Market in North America  

The trend in smart Home Technology and its customers has increased in North America. BAZZ and SATCO have been among the businesses that have recognized the effect of smart technology. In addition, in North America, Tuya Smart will continue to service additional clients.